WNY's Exclusive Age Reversal Center

We are proud to be the first and only facility specializing in the scientific assessment and reversal of the biological aging process of Baby Boomers and de-conditioned adults. Rarefit professionals are trained and certified in the use of advanced protocols and cutting edge, green technology, proven to rapidly shed fat while restoring youthful form and function to the body.

New Levels of Professionalism

We do not offer regular membership packages for people to aimlessly "work-out" on their own, nor do we require clients to sign a monthly or yearly contract. Rarefit precision training is conducted in the privacy of our modern, R-Studio, without the normal distractions of the "work-out crowd".

One-on-one sessions, conducted in a focused environment, ensure that our clients see that using the precise type of exercise, intensity of exercise, duration/time of exercise, form and function, and the appropriate rest and recovery is the only option, rather than AN option.

Rarefit group sessions are carried out in a dedicated exercise space and offer tailored threshold protocols such as Boxing, Martial Arts, Yoga, Chi-Gong, and other cross training modalities. The energy generated by group training accelerates the age reversal process.

Our functional movement training also enhances cardiovascular efficiency, body balance, core stability, sports performance, and endurance.

The combination of functional movement training and Rarefit individual training quickly develops highly efficient heart and lungs (VO2 Max) together with increased lean muscle that researchers define as the "twin engines of youth". Contrary to popular fears, women are hormonally incapable of developing large muscle mass. A tight and toned lower body is the result.

Wellness Outcomes

Beyond toning, weight loss, and fitness, the reported health benefits of Rarefit Training include: improved HDL-Cholesterol, increased resting metabolism, increased aerobic capacity (VO2 Max), increased bone density, improved blood sugar tolerance and blood pressure, increased energy, acuity, and self-esteem.


What makes Rarefit unique is that we provide clients with objective assessment measure results, such as calories burned, calorie deficits, cardiovascular efficiency (VO2 Max), stress levels, rest/recovery periods, heart rate training "sweet-spots", intensity levels, energy pointers, body strength and rate of progression, body mass, and fat free mass, along with comprehensive health risk appraisals. Rarefit clients get the respect and attention given to elite, professional athletes, regardless of age or fitness level.

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